Plane Geometry 3-D Plots


3-D plots are used throughout Plane Geometry to connect the numbers to an image.

Adjustable 3-D View

As the designer works, a wireframe image of the airplane provides immediate feedback as the inputs are changed. Different canned or custom views can be shown by changing the view angle inputs. Any custom angle can be entered.

In both conventional and V-tail versions, Measure and Design provide this image. The Planes database also provides an image of each airplane to provide an immediate understanding of each airplane.

Graphic Data

The four views shown here are front, side, plan and a custom view from behind and to the side. The side and plan views show extra information. The side view shows the center of gravity (green dot), neutral point (red dot), and vertical stabilizer mean aerodynamic quarter chord. The plan view also shows the center of gravity and neutral point as well as the wing and horizontal stabilizer mean aerodynamic quarter chords. In addition, the plan view shows with the green line an elliptical wing planform of equal area. This is useful in evaluating stall characteristics

Project Visualization

The wireframe views aid the designer in visualizing the project as it takes shape. In this case, Alan Sewell used DesignC to do preliminary design work on his "Thermal Cruiser" electric RC motorglider. The wireframe and photograph of the finished airplane show a remarkable resemblance!

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