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Envision Design software is purchased via PayPal and delivered via email only.  There are no shipping or handling charges.


  1. Plane Geometry costs $19.95 US Dollars.

  2. Linkage Design costs $9.95 US Dollars.

California residents please add sales tax.

The process for purchase and delivery has recently been modified to enhance security:

Email us at  We will reply with the email address to which your PayPal payment is addressed.

Go to  Click on Business -  Send Money Online

In the “Send Money” box, enter the full email address you receive in the “To:” window.  Enter your email address in the “From:” box.  Enter the total cost in the “Amount” window.  Click on the “Goods” button.  Click “Continue”.

Now log in to PayPal.  If you are new to PayPal, you will need to sign up.  This is straightforward and costs nothing.  PayPal is a division of EBay, the world’s largest online auction firm.  Their service is secure, reliable and free to the buyer. 

When done with this process, you will be in the “Review your payment and send” window.  In the subject line enter the name of the product you are buying so we know what to send.  No message is required.  When done, click the “Send Money” button. 

PayPal will automatically send us your order - you do not need to send us a separate message. 

When we receive your order we will email the files to you.  Usually this happens with 24 hours but sometimes we are away from the office for a few days. 

  1. The files are ready to use immediately.

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